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Mario & Luigi Collab: ARTISTS WANTED

2008-10-26 18:08:42 by Tw1l1ghtguy

I am going to make a mario and luigi collaboration. I need five to ten artists to join in and help me. If you're in just reply to this post.

The rules of the collab are:

1. The clip must include both mario and luigi.
2. Can be sprites or drawn.

That's it!!


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2011-06-16 00:39:40

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2011-06-16 11:12:44

I'm in.

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2011-06-16 11:16:02

I just realized this was posted 3 years ago :(


2011-10-04 12:04:44

Because this has never EVER been done before, right? Originality is for n00bs.